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Rita Paiz
Chairwoman of the Board

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Nancey Holland

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Carol Hachmeister
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Meet our Board of Directors


Fran Haynes, President
Fran, aka LaLa, aka Her Majesty, aka Miss Guided, created the Fairy concept after summers spent at Wavy Gravy’s Camp Winnarainbow.   (After acquiring 10 gowns from a store hit by a small tornado, it was just a matter of coercing friends to enter the Auburn Festival of Lights Parade as Sugar Plump Fairies in 199something. )  The purpose was to tickle the funny bone while making fun of who and what is beautiful.   The idea grew like an untreated rash and now thousands can testify to having experienced the zany antics that result from fun and fund raising.  Working toward leaving a carbon footprint in cute shoes, Fran crusades for recycling, reusing, and reinventing.  She is working on 2 books at the same time; “More Is Better” and the sequel “Enough Is Enough”. 

Rita Paiz, Chairwoman of the Board
Originally from back East, (East L.A.), Rita, AKA Luscious, AKA the Rebel Fairy, was raised by clowns. Her parents were always “The Life of The Party”. She put the RITA in Margarita, the PANIC in Hispanic, the RITA in Ritalin, and the JEAN in Jeanius. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The rumor persists that she was actually the biological daughter of Marilyn Monroe and that is why she loves it so much when Fran channels Marilyn. Rita has passed on many opportunities to be famous because she dislikes the paparazzi and will only allow herself to be photographed in Full Frontal Fairy. Rita loves playing with the children because she is still very much a child herself. Favorite Fairy Gig? KinderKonzert!!

Raenel Toste, Vice President
Raenel Toste, aka Lemon Drop, knew the moment she saw a Sugar Plump Fairy she was destined to be one. From the beautiful ornate hats to the glitter on their shoes she knew that where she belonged. For six years Lemon Drop has been living this dream and spreading joy and laughter in the greater Auburn area. The many blessings of being a part of this group are bringing smiles to people’s faces, knowing that we are bringing the arts to the children and working with a wonderful group of people.

Nancey Holland, Treasurer
Nancey Holland, an accomplished career professional, joined the Fairies to pursue bringing joy and laughter to everyone, but especially to children. Nancey, aka Lulu, is known for her Fairy costuming abilities and desire to put a smile on a child's face. Nancey always succeeds in eliciting that smile even if it is often accompanied by some puzzlement at her attire. As our "Numbers Fairy," Nancey keeps the serious side of the Fairies (the accounting books) in order and the Fairy grants funded.

Carol Hachmeister, Board Member
Carol Hachmeister, aka LoopDeeLou, has "fairyed up" most of her adult life with parades, themed-parties, and a haunted house for Halloween. She continues her creative outlet as a bona-fide member where it is now embraced and accepted as normal. She is passionate about self-expression through many forms of art which in turn encourages the at-risk students she teaches. Costuming is a natural art form for her, but singing is not. Warning: She carries a tune like a concealed weapon.

Diane Gilbert, Board Member
...she came outta nowhere....Fairy Investigations is still running the background checks ....goes by the alias "Laveyda Lipchitz", but it appears to be only one of dozens. Some refer to her as the wild one....

Jeanie Harris, Board Member
Jeanie Harris, AKA Lorelei, started life as a painfully shy child, morphed into a reclusive bookworm, then became a World Class flirt before she fulfilled her lifelong dream and transmogrified into a Sugar Plump Fairy. Jeanie strives to make the world a better place one hug, one giggle and one smile at a time.





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